At ten years old, Kenaxis has circled the globe! From Croatia to Australia, throughout North America, and all over Europe, Kenaxis products have become an integral part of exciting new projects everywhere.

Here’s just a sampling. Have you got a project to share? Let us know.

Soressa Gardner

When performing improvised music, Kenaxis makes it easy to stay in the moment and respond to other musicians in real time without the lag that is often associated with computer generated music. Kenaxis has all the choices I need at my fingertips and it’s visually easy to track on a single screen.

Soressa Gardner – Vocalist, Improviser and Composer, Vancouver, BC

You’ll also find Soressa Garner at Myspace.


Stormhat in the field

Stormhat in the field

I like the flexibility and simpleness of Kenaxis, both for live and in my studio

– Peter Bach Nicolaisen “Stormhat
Composer, artist, noise, fieldrecordings
Jutland, Denmark

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