Muttering Machine

Muttering Machine turns your computer into a delightful visual and sonic alphabet playground. Fun for kids and adults alike it features enchanting visuals created by Odette LeBlanc and the fantastical vocal sounds of Viviane Houle.

It was originally shown at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and here is what one woman had to say about it:

I was at the the Children’s Festival yesterday and loved the Sonic Playground Tent! I was there with my six year old daughter, who has Autism and was VERY interested in many things, but was especially drawn to the Muttering Machine.

Language and sound is one of her special skills and interests. We are currently working hard to teach her to use the keyboard, because writing is not something she will ever be able to do easily.

I think she spent a good hour on that machine! (And I loved it too.) We would really LOVE to have access to that program. It would be a really special part of her program and a great learning tool.

Thanks SO Much,

System Requirements:

  • G3 350 MHz with 256MB or RAM
  • 350 MHz Pentium 2 with 256MB of RAM

Retail value: $25.00. Special discount via $15.00! Buy now.

Or download free full-function* trial version today!

*Trial versions are fully functional except ability to save audio to hard drive.