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A pioneer of audio performance software since 1999, the KENAXIS line of products was born of the need for tools without limits and developed through ongoing consultation with some of the most respected artists in the electronic music field. Kenaxis transforms the laptop into an intuitive and responsive musical instrument that offers a unique freedom in musical expression. Flexible enough for virtually any medium, space, or performance it has inspired creators, composers and performers worldwide.

Stefan Smulovitz is a highly accomplished musician (viola & laptop) and an award-winning composer. His work as a programmer led to the development of custom software called Kenaxis, a major innovation in the use of the computer as a real-time instrument. Kenaxis Surround, his newest software, allows for performance in an immersive surround sound environment. His virtuosic command of Kenaxis has resulted in an international reputation for Smulovitz, who regularly performs with the world’s leading improvisers and receives commissions to compose for ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to chamber orchestras and choirs. Contact Stefan Smulovitz at: .

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