Stefan Smulovitz

I created Kenaxis out of a need to explore new sounds in an intuitive way. Coming from a background as an improvising violist, I wanted to create an instrument that would be fast and flexible enough to react to any musical situation.

If you would like to hear some of my music you can hear my solo work at MySpace and my duet work with vocalist Viviane Houle at Cellar Live.

Stefan Smulovitz – Vancouver, BC – creator of Kenaxis

Danny Barnes

What’s cool about Kenaxis is that you can sit down and make something happen. It never fails to generate a cool sonic idea.

Banjo Ideas Audio Sample (1:47) – Click to Play

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Danny Barnes – banjoist, composer, remix artist, inventor of folktronics – Port Hadlock, Washington

Graham Ord

I am so knocked out with Kenaxis. I’ve been using the VST links to run Reaktor and it’s so mindblowing I feel like I am in synth heaven.  I can run numerous Reaktor ensembles and mix in my live field recording samples and mess with the whole lot.  Being a child of the ’60’s I feel like I can re-create the Beatles #9 and then some.  I haven’t explored all the possibilities of Kenaxis yet but I’m completely blown away by it’s power and possibilities.

Ord G – Musician, improvisor, soon to be noise artist, Vancouver BC

Jeff Cloke

I find Kenaxis is incredibly flexible, with a natural interface and built-in processing.  It is naturally multi-voiced, with live sampling and total midi-control capability.  Its granular processing is incomparable, with two granulators and fast parameter switching.  Overall it provides an ideal foundation for live performance.
Jeff Cloke, Laptop improviser – with live instrumental performers – sort of ambient!
London, UK


I use Kenaxis as my secret weapon for live sets and studio recordings, it’s one of the most important tools I have ever used on my music, and I played and tested a lot of stuff, analog and digital systems.

Kenaxis has so many goals, Multitrack channels, pink / white noise generator, which is awesome!, pitch, delay, filter are simply brilliant!!!

Also, the chance of using VST plug-ins, I tested a lot of different plug-ins on Kenaxis and never had a single problem.

You know what ?? 1 month later after my first show I played a second show and of course I used the powerful Filter that comes with Kenaxis 2v28, the point is that I blown one of the stage monitors using that filters, that filter can create such arrange of powerful sound in such short time, enough to blown away part of the stage monitors, a friend of mine came who is sound engineer came after the show to tell me how fucked his ears was because of the frequencies created by the Kenaxis, seriously true.

Bonesfield, Noise Artist (Madrid, Spain)

Check out some tracks by Bonesfield or watch his Kenaxis-fueled performance The Troglodyte Lounge:

Vjeran Salamon

Kenaxis is a beautiful environment for avoiding compositional habits we all tend to fall to.

Thnx Stefan! with Kenaxis i did part of the soundtrack for a short experimental movie that won at Aubagne film festival… and i will be using it for sound designing the Nikola Tesla birth house Museum in Smiljan

Vjeran Salamon, Composer and sound designer, Zagreb, Croatia

Manolis Manousakis & Medea Electronique

I use kenaxis for live electronics and mixed media.

Manolis Manousakis – Sound Artist, Athens Greece

Watch the Medea Electronique video below to see some of the exciting multimedia work that is happening in Greece.

Medea (Short Film By Medea Electronique) from Medea Electronique on Vimeo.

Theodore Lotis

A great tool for live performance, live electronics and sound transformation.

Corfu, Greece

Theodore Lotis – Composer, Lecturer Ionian University


Stormhat in the field

Stormhat in the field

I like the flexibility and simpleness of Kenaxis, both for live and in my studio

– Peter Bach Nicolaisen “Stormhat
Composer, artist, noise, fieldrecordings
Jutland, Denmark