Kenaxis 4 is here!

A long time coming but finally there is an update for Kenaxis and Kenaxis Surround. This version is now compatible with OS X 10.12 and up. Its loads faster and has a new look. One major new feature has been added. You can change the mode in each of the Klangs and instead of only being able to change the playback speed which changed pitch and duration together – you can also do time stretching and pitch shifting and change these parameters independently.

Unfortunately the Kenaxis Visualizer no longer works. If you have any other problems – please email me with bug reports and I will fix as soon as I can.

Many thanks for your patience,


Kenaxis 3.31 now Lion Compatible

Kenaxis has been updated to 3.31 and is now Lion compatible. The visualizer has also been updated to 1.1 and fixed an issue where it would not play movies on some computers.

New version of Kenaxis 3.3 for Mac released


I have just finished updating the Mac version of Kenaxis to version 3.3. (PC version will be available very soon). Updates continue to be free for registered users. I have now dropped the price of Kenaxis to $49 so please spread the word to help support the continued development of Kenaxis.

The most exciting addition is Multitrack Record.

This is very useful if you want to remix material you create while using Kenaxis. You can now create separate stereo files for each of the Kenaxis objects such as the Klangs, Granulators and Freeze when recording.

Other new features include:

SoftStep Support: If you own a Keith McMillen SoftStep Kenaxis is now optimized to use it. I’ve set it up to use the LEDs and display on the SoftStep so that not only is the SoftStep an input device but it shows the status of Kenaxis as well.

Sync Klangs 2-5 to Klang 1: You can now automatically sync live loop recordings done in Klangs 2-6 to the length of your loop in Klang 1.

I hope this will help make Kenaxis a better hands free tool. Combining it with an iPad for more precise adjustments makes for a great setup.

Bug Fixes and other small additions

New manual that covers all of the additions to Kenaxis. (Check it out for more information on the new additions.)

Value Randomizer Prefs added to customize how a random impulse works. (Command E)

Fixed Kenaxis Visualizer link

Fixed System Prefs bugs



New Mad Scientist Machine Video

New versions of Kenaxis for PC and Mac coming soon

I’m also testing SoundCloud as a place to put some tracks created with Kenaxis.

tout le brise by stefansmulovitz

Mad Scientist Machine

I’ve just posted some youtube links to another project that I have been working on. For those of you waiting for Kenaxis updates I will be getting back to Kenaxis soon and hope to have them coming shortly. In the mean time enjoy the Mad Scientist Machine – a telematics project using LED lights to conduct a group of improvisors.

Part 1 – Stefan Smulovitz –

Part 2 – Pauline Oliveros –

Part 3 – Lisle Ellis –

Part 4 – John Oswald –

Part 5 – Paul Cram –

Kenaxis Workshop in Toronto – Oct. 24/09

Workshop on Kenaxis Software by Stefan Smulovitz
Oct 24, 2009 (1-4 PM) $15/10
@ NAISA Space, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie #252, Toronto

Kenaxis transforms the laptop into an expressive instrument. Developed by Stefan Smulovitz over the last 10 years for use in improvisational and compositional settings, this easy to use software allows for live sampling and real time sound manipulation including looping, granulation, and convolution. There is also Kenaxis Surround for surround sound playback: spin, spiral or exact placement of sounds are all possible in realtime. All welcome!

Kenaxis 3.1 Released! Adds OSC compatibility and an FFT Phase Vocoder

On September 30th, 2009, we released Kenaxis 3.1, adding Open Sound Control (OSC) compatibility and a new time stretching tool, the FFT Phase Vocoder to our flagship software. This update, like all Kenaxis updates to date is free for current Kenaxis users.

OSC enables Kenaxis to communicate with a variety of hardware and software interfaces including consumer devices as familiar as the iPod touch, the iPhone and Wii remotes.

Meanwhile, the new FFT Phase Vocoder offers a new technique for sonic time stretching and freezing.  While Kenaxis 3.1 is still loaded with granular synthesis tools, the Phase Vocoder will appeal to musicians who desire more organic, analog-sounding textures in their performances and compositions.  While it is a valuable tool for all musicians and composers, the FFT Phase Vocoder may resonate particularly well with noise artists.

Feel free to read our press release for more details on this update.

Haiku & iPhones

Rohan De Livera has created a beautiful piece using Kenaxis. Check it out.

Also for those of you with iPod Touches or iPhones you can check out the applications I have created using RJDJ. They include a simple version of the granular synthesis system used in kenaxis. Some of the scenes are free including the granular synthesis engine and some are 1 euro. You can find out more here.



Kenaxis featured in Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician recently did a reveiw of ten software applications that incorporate granular synthesis or ganulation of sampled sound. Kenaxis was one of the ten. You can read the entire article here, or check out a nicer scanned pdf excerpt of it here.

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