Our Products

The Kenaxis family of products were born of the need for tools-without-limits, phenomenally adaptable resources to empower you as a composer, creator, and performer. Accordingly, this is a constantly evolving line-up.

Products available for purchase (or free trial):


The laptop has arrived as a powerful and highly adaptable musical instrument! Kenaxis provides unprecedented control of sounds and unlimited freedom for composition and performance. Truly capable of more than you can imagine, Kenaxis is the flagship of our products… Get more details on Kenaxis: features, demo videos, free trial and more.

Kenaxis Surround (VBAP)

For live manipulation of sound in immersive surround-sound environments, Kenaxis Surround (formerly Kenaxis VBAP) adds another dimension (literally!) to your performance… Learn more about Kenaxis Surround.

Kenaxis Visualizer

This visual add-on for Kenaxis provides powerful live manipulation and choreographing of your image library (or synthesized imagery). Interfaces seamlessly with all Kenaxis audio features… Learn more about Kenaxis Visualizer

Muttering Machine

Muttering Machine turns your computer into a delightful visual and sonic alphabet playground. Fun for kids and adults alike it features enchanting visuals created by Odette LeBlanc and the fantastical vocal sounds of Viviane Houle…. Learn more about Muttering Machine