Kenaxis Visualizer

Kenaxis Visualizer is an add-on for Kenaxis that uses the parameters of Kenaxis or Kenaxis Surround to control a number of visual effects. It creates a unique visual feedback system that both affects how you perform with Kenaxis and allows others to “see” what you are doing.

Kenaxis Visualizer differs from an audio visualizer like iTunes in that it is not attempting to listen to the audio but is actually controlled by the parameters in Kenaxis. When you turn the volume up on a Klang the effect gets stronger. Change the pitch, pan, loop points of a sample in a Klang and the effect parameters change.

The gestures that you perform will be transformed into visual effects.

System Requirements:

  • G5 or intel Macintosh with 1GB of RAM.

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Kenaxis Visualizer trial for Mac OS X

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*Trial versions are fully functional except ability to save audio to hard drive.