Kenaxis 3 and more

After many late nights Kenaxis 3 is ready. This is one of the most exciting updates to Kenaxis yet. Instead of adding lots of flashy extra features this release focuses on making what is already in Kenaxis better. The user interface received a overhaul, adjustable crossfades were added to the Klangs for smooth click free looping. A unique negative crossfade feature adds space between your loops allowing you to go more minimal. The other exciting tweak is to the Klang Random feature. You can now do audio-rate pitch modulation and explore a whole new world of sounds.

This new website also adds some great new features such as an artist spotlight so you can see who else is using Kenaxis and what they are doing with it.

Some new software – Kenaxis Visualizer and Muttering Machine have been added to the mix and soon some great free tools will be added as well.